Aggressive Llama

February 5, 2014

  • 28 Animals
  • 28k66 Injuries to Persons
  • 28k66.9 k. Other Particular Animals.

28 AnimalsLaborer, who was attacked by a llama while cleaning llama owners’ barn, assumed the risk he would be attacked by llama when he entered the barn; laborer contracted to care for owners’ animals knowing llama would be free to roam, and before he entered the barn, laborer saw that llama was inside and unconfined, and laborer knew that llama had been aggressive toward him in the past, and despite these experiences, laborer chose to enter the barn knowing llama was inside, and it was not owners’ decision to leave llama unconfined that led to the attack, but rather, it was laborer’s decision to enter a confined space with an animal that had previously been aggressive towards him.

Edwards v. Lombardi, 2013 WL 6097974 (Ill. App. 3d)