Frozen Lumberjack

December 4, 2014

  • 413 Workers’ Compensation
  • 413VIII Injuries for Which Compensation May Be Had
  • 413VIII(A) Nature and Character of Physical Harm
  • 413VIII(A)5 Particular Injuries and Consequences
  • 413k583 Consequences of Exposure to Cold, or to Cold and Wetting
  • 413k585 Freezing and Frostbite

12-04-14Where lumberjack by mistake in orders worked at wrong place and on finding the mistake went to the proper place and worked so much harder than usual in preparing for the next day’s drive that his feet perspired and were consequently frozen, he received an injury proximately caused by accident arising out of and in the “course of his employment,” within St.1917, § 2394-3 (W.S.A. 102.03), subd. 3, and was entitled to compensation.

Ellingson Lumber Co. v. Industrial Commission, 169 N.W. 568, (Wis., 1918)