“Fraudulent misrepresentation” via website

August 31, 2012

  • 184 Fraud
  • 184I Deception Constituting Fraud, and Liability Therefor
  • 184k27 k. Fraudulent Representations or Concealment as to Particular Facts.

184 FraudComputer website user stated cause of action for fraudulent misrepresentation arising out of fellow user’s creation of several fictional characters, one of whom purported to carry on a romantic relationship with plaintiff website user; plaintiff website user alleged she spent over $10,000 on gifts for fellow user and fellow user’s fictional characters, fellow user and her characters sent false information to plaintiff website user for almost two years, and fellow user went to great lengths to establish fictional characters, contacting plaintiff website user by various media and using a device to disguise her voice while on the telephone with plaintiff website user.
Bonhomme v. St. James, 945 N.E.2d 1181 (Ill. App. Ct. 2011)

Suggested by Jill Bergquist, Principal Attorney Editor, Westlaw