Fall festival is a social activity

October 21, 2014

  • 198H Health
  • 198HIII Government Assistance
  • 198HIII(B) Medical Assistance in General;  Medicaid
  • 198Hk487 Reimbursement
  • 198Hk487(4) Costs

10-21-14Upon determination that employee group activities in form of Christmas party, softball league, and fall festival were social in nature and unrelated to longevity of care and meritorious service, Director of Office of Hearing and Appeals acted within her province in determining medical assistance provider was not entitled to reimbursement for employee group activities, even though activities contributed to productivity and inhibited turnover.

Northwestern Institute of Psychiatry v. Com., Dept. of Public Welfare, 915 A.2d 780, (Pa. Cmwlth., 1986)