Don’t Tip the Judge

November 25, 2011

  • 45 Attorney and Client
  • 45I The Office of Attorney
  • 45I(C) Discipline
  • 45k59.1 Punishment; Disposition
  • 45k59.13 Suspension
  • 45k59.13(2) Definite Suspension
  • 45k59.13(3) k. In General.

45 Attorney and ClientAcceptance of fees or gratuities with respect to performance of marriage ceremonies on part of municipal court judge would justify suspension for one year from practice of law and until further order of court.
In re Del Mauro, 272 A.2d 754 (N.J. 1971)
Suggested by Allan Marain, Attorney; Allan Marain & Associate; New Brunswick, NJ