Dental nightmare

January 31, 2013

  • 198H Health
  • 198HV Malpractice, Negligence, or Breach of Duty
  • 198HV(G) Actions and Proceedings
  • 198Hk815 Evidence
  • 198Hk821 Necessity of Expert Testimony
  • 198Hk821(5) k. Particular Procedures.

198H HealthEvidence in malpractice suit that after dentist’s drill slipped off tooth he lost his balance and drill went through patient’s tongue and into his throat was sufficient to bring case within exception to rule that expert testimony is necessary to support an action for malpractice.
Neal v. Wilmoth, 342 S.W.2d 701 (Ky. 1961)
Suggested by Anne Hansen, attorney-editor, Westlaw