Ballistic missile submarine ill-suited to be a salvage vessel

September 30, 2014

  • 344 Salvage
  • 344I Right to Compensation
  • 344k22 Liabilities of Salvors for Negligence or Wrongful Acts

09-30-14Although ballistic missile submarine might be most ill-suited and least-equipped vessel to perform any kind of salvage operation, command decision of submarine skipper to send over raft to find out what was wrong with plaintiff’s sailboat and to render whatever rescue assistance was necessary or possible was not negligence nor was there negligence on part of submarine for its action during pumping-out process in utilizing best method available in effort to achieve “de-watering,” and there was no negligence in failing to call Coast Guard at time of initial sighting of sailboat or at time of decision to sail sailboat back to submarine for pumping out.

Port Tack Sailboats, Inc. v. U.S. , 593 F.Supp. 597, (S.D. Fla., 1984)