Apple orchard operation qualified as “farming”

October 20, 2014

  • 414 Zoning and Planning
  • 414VIII Permits, Certificates, and Approvals
  • 414VIII(A) In General
  • 414k1379 Maps, Plats, and Plans;  Subdivisions
  • 414k1381 Filing or Approval Requirement
  • 414k1381(6) Other particular considerations

10-20-14Apple orchard operation qualified as “farming” and thus was exempt from Act 250 review, although orchard owners did not own all the orchard land and the operation may have resembled a commercial warehouse, processing, and distribution center, where apple trees were cultivated at orchard, owners controlled farming operations on leased tracts, and owners stored, washed, waxed, wrapped, and packed apples for shipping, marketing and sale.

In re Ochs, 915 A.2d 780, (Vt., 2006)