Green Acres: Just How Much Green?

November 12, 2010

Quantitative EasingRussian droughtsGrowing China.  The pressures pushing crop prices upward have been doing just that.

This Forbes article on a potential food crisis (and the upswing it could represent for ag-producers) got me thinking about a recent research project.

We were looking for any information  on cropland valuation.  Damage had been done to a client’s tillable acreage.  The client needed a price put on that harm.  Rising crop prices may have altered that final number.

Part of the solution lay in our Expert Witness materials. Searching PROFILER-EW for experts with a practice area of “agricultural economist” or “agriculture and valuation” does bring back profiles, biographies, contact info and trial/deposition transcripts for experts who have testified on the matter of ag-land, ag-business or ag-production valuation.

One hopes that the ag-experts tracking the above news stories are also keeping their eyes on the increasing concern that farmland has entered its own speculative bubble.