How to get up to speed quickly on “anti-troll” patent legislation?

March 20, 2014

trollIn December 2013, the House of Representatives passed patent legislation that appears to have wide bipartisan support.  However, the proposed legislation is controversial in many quarters of the patent community, and is suspect to some given the speed with which the legislation moved through the House (only six weeks from introduction to passage).  The views of many stakeholders can be found in “Patent Legislation Before The U.S. Congress: Differing Perspectives,” a three part video webinar series on the West LegalEdcenter.  Panelists provide a comprehensive, open-minded, and candid discussion of the pending legislation, as well as the possible implications and impact of the legislation if it is passed in its present form.

The series can be found here:

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –

As Congress, the White House, and the states grapple with this hot topic, the debate will intensify.  To stay on top of emerging developments and the new patent landscape created by the AIA, Patent Office Litigation through WestlawNext provides leading-edge treatment of all of the new laws, regulations, and Office rules of practice and procedure; all of which is necessary for anyone operating in the patent world in the global economy.


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Who is a patent troll? Can legislative measures stop patent trolls? What is the impact on the new legislation?  Find out from the article Patent Vortex 2014 – Trolls, Innovation, and Return on Investment available on the ABA website.

You can’t avoid it – “patent trolls” are everywhere in the popular press. This is the new narrative presented: Patent trolls are the new scourge of the U.S. legal system. They extract greenmail from legitimate businesses through nuisance settlements of baseless assertions of highly questionable patents. They clog the courts and make rich their promoters and lawyers. They are the new tax on innovation and they must be stopped.