Forms, Exhibits, and Model Docs…Oh My!

September 10, 2010

Most people know that we have many forms databases available on Westlaw.  Here are a couple of other useful resources you may not be aware of that can be helpful alternatives whenever you’re looking for a sample form: 

MODELDOC-ALL: The MODELDOC databases contain many sample agreements, contracts, and other transactional documents.  These are actual documents that were filed as exhibits with the S.E.C. (i.e. attached to an 8-K filing); our editors have made them helpfully available by giving them their own database for easy searching.  These agreements can encompass Bankruptcy, Business, Employment, Intellectual Property, and Real Property issues.  For example, if you’re looking for a sample merger agreement and can’t find one you like the forms database, MODELDOC-M&A may be the place for you.

EXHIBITS-ALL: EXHIBITS-ALL is a new database released at the end of last year that contains selected exhibits that were attached to pleadings or motions filed in both federal and state court actions.  Both textual and graphical exhibits are available.  This can be another good resource to search in when you’re looking for a document that might have been attached to a complaint, like a letter.

For example, let’s say you’re looking to write a “cease communication” letter to a credit agency pursuant to 15 USC 1692c (the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).  You’ve tried a couple searches in FORMFINDER for “fair debt collection practices act” f.d.c.p.a. & ceas! but can’t seem to find anything on point.

Try running that search again in EXHIBITS-ALL.  You should now get several sample cease-and-desist letters to assist you.  Check out, for example, the second result, titled “Cease and Desist.”

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