Fat Fingers

May 7, 2010

My commute is 3 buses, one train.  And, in light of yesterday’s fat finger panic,  I thought it fitting to put the new mobile WestlawNext to the test.  For the record, I use a Droid Eris.

Before I left work last night, I created a new folder and labeled it Mobile.  This way, when I return to my desktop, I can sort the documents into their appropriate folders.  (You can swap your client id on mobile, but not the folder.)

I was curious about the rules that allow for halting and cancelling trades.  I tried the following:

The best results came from Adminstrative Decisions and Guidance.  Once I identified a potentially relevant release, I ran the “strict” command which allows me to search using standard terms and connectors. I saved Release No. 34-57323 to my folder labeled “mobile.” 

Currently, mobile searches accross the 12 main contents sets (Cases, Statutes, Secondary Sources, Administrative Decisions, etc.).  News is not searched.  For that, I use Reuter’s mobile news app.