Facebook, Lamebook, Trademark

November 29, 2010

Facebook is in the Intellectual Property news.  In early November of this year Lamebook, L.L.C. filed a complaint for a declaratory judgment that its website www.lamebook.com does not infringe Facebook’s trademark.  You can read the entire complaint at 2010 WL 4417132.

 The plaintiff is essentially asserting that lamebook.com is a non-infringing parody of Facebook protected under the First Amendment.  Lamebook also denies dilution under 15 USC 1125 (part of the Lanham Act).

 This is just one of several trademark suits involving Facebook filed within the past few months: a search in DOCK-FED-ALL for PTN(facebook) & KNOS(260.15) reveals five other federal lawsuits involving Facebook and trademark infringement filed since August 2010.  This is not surprising, since Facebook owns a surprising number of trademarks and seems intent on protecting its intellectual property.  For example, a search in the database FED-TM for federal trademarks owned by Facebook reveals that there are over 80 registered, pending, or abandoned marks associated with Facebook.

 In addition to the “Facebook” mark itself, Facebook also owns such marks as “F,” “FBook,” “Poke,” and “Like.”  There are also some less-conventional marks owned by Facebook.  If you’ve got a moment be sure to check out the abandoned application for “Give Your Computer The Bird,” available at FEDTM 77081361.

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