Election Law Research

September 8, 2011

With the field of presidential candidates taking shape, and Election Day only 14 months away, national campaign and election issues are again coming into focus.   There are many resources available on the Westlaw Elections tab to facilitate researching these issues.  Here are a few of the highlights.

The Elections tab contains State and Federal election law cases (ELECTION-CS), federal election statutes (ELECTION-USCA) and regulations (ELECTION-CFR), as well as a very useful selection of 50 State Surveys for election law issues, including Candidate Filing Requirements, Limits on Contributions and Marking and Counting Ballots.

Court filings are found in ELECTION-FILING and ELECTION-BRIEF.  Try the  following query to retrieve campaign advertising-related filings:


The database ELECTION-2008 is a nice combination of election-related trial filings and news, including newspapers, magazines, journals, transcripts and wires, not limited to the 2008 election.  To demonstrate its currency, try the following search: