Dockets on WestlawNext: A massive collection made simple

February 24, 2011

As of earlier this month, you can now search any of 535 state and federal dockets databases on WestlawNext simply by clicking Dockets on the Westlaw home page.

Note: This is not a “bridge page,” but rather, a content category in WestlawNext. As a result, your search is simple and straightforward, thanks to the no-frills WestSearch search  engine and a variety of WestlawNext filters to zero in on relevant dockets. You can even use a jurisdiction- or topic-specific advanced search template, if you prefer.

Search example

Suppose you want federal court dockets from Texas in which the Enron Corporation appeared as a party.


  • Click Dockets in the All Content tab at the WestlawNext home page.
  • The Dockets category page is displayed. Click advanced.
  • The Advanced Search: Dockets search template is displayed.
    • Type enron in the Participant Name text box and click Advanced Search.

To narrow your result to U.S. district and bankruptcy courts in Texas, click Select Multiple Filters, then browse the federal districtcourt and bankruptcy court filters under Jurisdiction in the left column.  Select the Texas district and bankruptcy courts using the check boxes. Then click Apply Filters.dockets2