Close Elections

November 6, 2012

A couple years ago, we lauded the work of Minnesota’s Citizen’s for Election Integrity (CEIM).  We loved a feature on their website that summarized all 50 state’s voting recount and audit statutes (Check out the Searchable Databases link.)  Of course, neither the Reference Attorneys nor Thomson Reuters is responsible for the accuracy of this database.  But, it continues to serve as an excellent starting point.

For election day, we used the CEIM website to sort for those states which have automatic recount statutes – those state’s where a tie or near tie triggers an automatic vote recount.   From this list, we updated two KeyCite reports.

Automatic Recount Statutes by State (pdf, 2 pages)  includes list of statutes and KeyCite Flags.

KeyCite Report Automatic Recount Statutes (pdf, 169 pages) includes statutory history, and any cases or trial court documents which have cited to each statute.

Other Research References

Westlaw statutory surveys on Election Law, generally, can be found in our 50-State Survey collection:



Westlaw also has 50-state regulatory surveys for Election Law: