Checking In with the First WestlawNext Customer, boutique firm Payton and Associates

March 14, 2013

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WestlawNext is powered by WestSearch, the world’s leading legal search engine

Three years ago, commercial litigation attorney Harry Payton, at his boutique  law firm Payton & Associates, LLC, was the first customer to sign up for WestlawNext, the legal research solution that reengineered search technology.  Harry was able to see that if his firm capitalized on WestlawNext, the firm could increase efficiency overall.  The small law firm division of Thomson Reuters discussed Harry Payton’s decision to move to WestlawNext, and why it makes a difference in his litigation firm.  What we heard:

How were you able to make this decision so quickly?

I attribute the fact that our firm was the first purchaser of WestlawNext to several things.  First is the persistence of our very able Westlaw representative, Jeff Frette, who has been servicing our account for a number of years.  Second is the fact that in less than two minutes into the demonstration I recognized the power of the search capabilities of WestlawNext and realized the superiority of the product for our firm of four lawyers.

When I compared the pricing of WestlawNext to the pricing that we had been paying for Westlaw, I was convinced of the value of the product and the value that it brings to our clients.

Why is legal research important in a commercial litigation practice?

We have a complex commercial litigation practice.  Each case is unique.  Many of the cases have issues that are complex and not often the subject of a lot of precedent.  WestlawNext provides the opportunity to search quickly through multiple databases.  For seasoned lawyers who are knowledgeable about the terms of art that may be involved in an issue, the natural language search tool is outstanding in locating authority for those hard-to-find concepts.  Additionally, the advanced search tools make it easier than ever to narrow your case search to the strongest cases.

When I am really unable to find the right search terms, I turn to WestlawNext’s reference attorneys.  I have found them to be very helpful in narrowing the search and making it more economical and efficient.

I’m clearly a strong advocate of WestlawNext.

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