Assessing International Risk

March 2, 2011

After Mubarak resigned last month, President Obama, said, “there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place” (2011 WLNR 2908412).   History in the making necessarily gives rise to uncertainties and from the perspective of the legal community, these uncertainties have a direct bearing for our clients conducting business within these countries.

Risk Briefings: Check out the Risk Briefing database on Westlaw (RISKBRFG ). It provides comprehensive and timely risk analysis, forecasts, alerts, and background studies and data covering a wide range of risk factors. For example, try: DA(2011) & PR,TI(EGYPT!) or DA(2011) & LIBYA! TUNISIA!. Such information can prove useful in advising clients who have dealings with the affected regions.