Arizona’s Immigration Enforcement Act

May 4, 2010

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Arizona’s attempt to tighten immigration enforcement in the state by passing the “Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act” (Senate Bill 2010) has generated an enormous reaction.  Although several states are reportedly contemplating similar legislation, numerous lawsuits have been threatened challenging the constitutionality of the Act, and at least two suits have already been filed.

The session law can be located on Westlaw by doing a find to AZ LEGIS 113 (2010), and the bill drafts and legislative reports are located within the “Legislative History” tab appearing on the left-hand side of that document.  Barring any court action, the act will go into effect 90 days after the Arizona legislature adjourns, and the most controversial provisions will be codified at AZ ST § 11-1051.

Two actions challenging the constitutionality of the legislation have already been filed in Arizona District Court.  The dockets for these suits are found in the DOCK-AZ-DCT data base, and can be located by running the following search:  (Def (Brewer)) & FLD(aft /04/24/2010).  The complaints are on Westlaw at:  2010 WL 1716679   & 2010 WL 1715384