The world of legal publishing is changing right before our eyes and for you, our customers, the world of legal education and librarianship is shifting as well. I think the question on all of our minds is: where is it going?

I know you all have been talking and thinking about what the library and law school classroom of the future look like: what do all the electronic methods of distributing and searching for legal information mean to the future attorneys you educate? What does this mean for the resources and tools you use to educate? You can bet we are thinking about the same things. Except our perspective is more like: how does the next step we take really help our customer be better at what they do—be they educator, practicing attorney, or government legal professional?

Our hope is that this blog will offer a place for discussion on topics and questions relevant to law school librarians and faculty as well as to our company. It is a tool for us to reach out and participate in the discussion. We would love to hear your ideas, thoughts, and topics of passion for this blog.

Look forward to guest bloggers from the legal field, hot topics of conversation, links to relevant resources, and the latest on our new products and services as they become available. And yes, we might just throw in a contest with a giveaway or two, so keep your eyes open!

See What’s Next:

  • The Great Debate: ebooks and libraries: it’s all over the blogosphere, we all have the same questions, just no answers. MIT and NC State University are lending out iPads—there’s even a blog chronicling students using them
  • Westlaw and Print: setting aside the ebook debate, how does one do the most effective legal research utilizing these two resources? Are students coming out of law school appropriately trained in law firm librarians’ eyes?
  • Move Toward Practical Training: focusing on preparing students to practice law versus preparing for the bar.