Using WestlawNext Notes & Highlights to remember your thoughts

October 10, 2013

Law school blog 5A common problem when tackling a massive research project is forgetting the significance of the materials you’ve already looked at and set-aside. Notes can become illegible or lost, or you may have trouble understanding why the text you highlighted was important. With WestlawNext Highlights and Notes, you will not risk losing your notes again, because you can tie them directly to the material you read.


Rather than printing out a copy of a case and then highlighting and marking it up, WestlawNext allows you to make notations directly in the online case. Highlighting on WestlawNext is accomplished in the exact same way that you highlight any text on any word processor or web browser, just hold down the left mouse button and drag it across the text you want to highlight and then release the button. Once you have done so a pop-up will appear, giving you the option of highlighting the text of the case.

WestlawNext now gives you the option to highlight in several different colors. (This may be especially helpful if you use different colors to brief cases for class.)

Monster 2a

Want to get rid of your highlight? Just click the highlighted text and a new pop-up window will appear with the option to delete the highlight.


Adding Notes to cases on WestlawNext is just as easy as using Highlights. Simply highlight the text that you would like your note associated with and the same pop-up menu you used to create Highlights will also allow you to create Notes. Notes can also be removed in the same way as Highlights.

Monster 2b

In addition to adding notes to cases, you can add notes to Folders or cases in Folders from the main page for Folders. Simply, hover your mouse over the folder or case you would like to add a note to, and a small icon that looks like a pencil with a green + (plus) sign next to it will appear. Click the pencil and you can add a note!

Monster 2c

By using Notes and Highlights, you can make certain that you never lose track of your thoughts and impressions and keep your research organized from start to finish.

In my next post, I’ll explain how to use WestlawNext to pick up your research where you previously left off.