Using Westlaw Review Tools to pick up where you left off

October 14, 2013

Law school blog 5One of the most frustrating parts of a large research project is being unable to remember where you left off at the end of your last session. Cases have a habit of running together in your mind, and you may find yourself half-way through a case before you realize you’ve already read it. WestlawNext has solved this irritating problem with Review Tools, which provide you with helpful icons that inform you what cases you’ve previously read or have attached Notes and Highlights to.

To take full advantage of the Review Tool icons, use the same Client ID every time you access your large research project. If you use a different Client ID, all of the icons may not display.

You will see a small icon that looks like a pair of glasses on every case you have previously read or opened. This means you will be able to pick up exactly where you left off, without resorting to combing your History or searching old notes.

 Monster 3a

Similarly, you will also be able to tell if you have previously put Highlights or Notes on a case. Each case with a Highlight or Note will have this icon on it:

 Monster 3b

This means not only will you not lose your place when you come back to a search, but if you are doing substantive note-taking with WestlawNext, you will also know which cases you have highlighted or added notes to.