Time Management for Law Students

February 12, 2013

law school graduatesLaw students often find themselves busy with school, work, and extracurriculars. For example, last fall I had three jobs, two internships, and a full course load. And, you can manage a hectic schedule, too.

Be Well Rested

First, make sleep a priority. You will have lots of important work, and it will be tempting to do it all at once. But get to bed on-time. If work needs to be done right, it needs to be done when you’re awake. Wake up on-time. If you developed the habit of sleeping in, make an alarm playlist. Use cheerful tunes to wake you up. Save the rowdy ones for later on in the playlist if you’re sleeping in.

Be Well Prepared

Second, get your gear together the night before. Planning to exercise, pack a lunch, or bring more things to study? You need the right equipment. Prepare it ahead of time and you’ll be less likely to miss it while rushing out the door.

Be Well Organized

Third, use technology. It is easier than ever to keep organized and ahead of your work. Enter everything on a calendar and keep it updated. Download your cases as Westlaw PDFs and use the read-aloud function on your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

With these tips, you can stay well-rested, well-prepared, and well-organized, giving yourself the best chance to succeed in law school.