The Hobbit and the Unknown of Law School

February 5, 2013

law school graduatesWe’re talking about popular movies and their relationship to law school. This week, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is on tap. Like the title character, Bilbo Baggins, law students are heading into the unknown. How do you make the most of it?

First, network. Bilbo was living a very ordinary life. Then he threw a party for a casual acquaintance and a dozen strangers. Everything was different after that. Network and make connections: you may be one introduction away from your own epic journey. You can make connections through the local Bar Association, Inn of Court, and alumni association of your alma mater.

Second, develop transferable skills. Bilbo joined as the company burglar: a job he earned by being stealthy and quiet. Nonlegal skills can develop the discipline to succeed in law school. But they can also lead to opportunities in the legal world. Just make sure you pick another career besides burglary. For instance, learning a foreign language may open the door to bilingual work.

Third, take the long view of things. Bilbo found a magic ring that changed the fate of Middle Earth. If your adventure goes off-course, if you wrestle with grades, or if you find yourself captured by giant trolls, take heart. It may be an unexpected journey, but it will turn out. As Bilbo exclaimed:

“I’m going on an adventure!”