Save Money on Next Semester’s Books

December 23, 2011

Law school can be an expensive proposition. Many students economize by purchasing their books used instead of new. But these days, there are alternatives even to used books.

Book Rental
Book rental programs have recently come of age and are easy to find online. Many law schools operate their own programs. The advantage of renting versus owning a book is obvious – it can be much cheaper.  Nor do you need to worry about selling back the book at the end of the semester – you simply return it to the rental company. Nevertheless, rental programs often have their own disadvantages. You can’t underline or highlight passages as you would if you owned your book, since you may incur extra charges. The availability of specific titles can sometimes be limited. Plus, if you rent from an online vendor, it can take several days for your book to arrive.

That’s why you should consider West’s book rental program, which includes over 170 of our most popular casebooks. West’s program lets you make as many notes and highlights in the book as you want without incurring additional fees. Shipping is also free, even when returning the book. Plus, you get immediate access to an online version of your rented book, should you need to start reading right away. You are billed by the month for however long you have the book. (A semester-long rental typically saves you 38% off the price of a new book; but if you keep it longer, you will never be charged more than the book’s full price.) Learn more about the rental program by visiting

Online Books
Perhaps you’re ready to do without a physical book altogether. After all, who even wants to lug around a heavy casebook if you don’t have to? Then consider purchasing an online-only version of your casebook next semester. For 30% less than the cost of a new casebook, you get access to an online version for an entire year. Make notes and highlight passages in your online book, and print select pages. Your online books are accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. You will find them on, under the MY ePRODUCTS menu. For more information, visit (Please note that some professors forbid Internet access during final exams. If you need access to your book during the final, an online book may not be for you.)

Study Aids Subscription
The Online Books program includes many study aids as well. But why purchase online access to just one study aid, when you can gain access to hundreds? West’s Study Aids Subscription offers unlimited access to over 350 different study aids, including case briefs, outlines, overviews, exam prep, and career success titles. Three-, six-, and twelve-month subscriptions are available. (The longer the subscription, the cheaper it is per month.) Once your subscription ends, you can opt for a month-to-month renewal. As with online books, you can make notes and highlight key passages, plus print selected pages. The subscription lets you designate as favorites those titles you use most. For more information, visit