Predicting the Same-Sex Marriage Cases on FantasySCOTUS

March 29, 2013

law school graduatesThis week the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments for two of the most anticipated cases in recent memory, Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor – or, if you prefer, the Proposition 8 and Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) cases.

After listening to and then analyzing oral arguments, people have begun predicting how the justices will rule on these two cases and the specific issues they address. And, a quick search of the Internet will reveal a myriad analysis and prediction. For example, see:

Yet, the questions asked and comments made by the justices may not always provide an indication of which way the individual justices will rule. While it might be a little easier to predict how Justice Scalia or Justice Sotomayor will rule in the Proposition 8 and DOMA cases, predicting how Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy rule might be a bit more difficult. Therefore, using WestlawNext to research any past rulings, briefs, or law reviews by the justices may help shed light on how they may rule (searching for articles in a news database may also help).

So, what’s your prediction?

Unlike other cases you predict in the FantasySCOTUS competition, the Proposition 8 and DOMA cases have been broken down by issue. So, instead of two point earning opportunities, you have five.

If you haven’t signed up to play in the FantasySCOTUS competition, it isn’t too late. Sign up, make predictions, and maybe win WestlawRewards Points or a Visa Gift Card (who doesn’t like money?).

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