How to Find Jury Instructions on WestlawNext

April 29, 2014

Legal solutions TOTWWestlawNext has model or standard jury instructions for most jurisdictions. If you are searching for a particular jurisdiction’s model instructions and cannot find them on WestlawNext, there are other places you can search that may yield helpful results. Below are some tips for quickly finding jury instructions on WestlawNext.

Secondary Sources – Jury Instructions

There is a link to the Jury Instructions content at the top of the Secondary Sources page.

 TOTW 042914 a TOTW 042914 b

You can also quickly access jury instructions (or almost anything on WestlawNext) by typing the name of the content for which you are searching into the global search bar at the top of the screen:

 TOTW 042914 c

Once you are on the Jury Instruction content page, you will be able to specify the jurisdiction and choose civil or criminal instructions.

 TOTW 042914 d

If you do not see the jurisdiction you need, you can always search through actually-filed jury instructions in Trial Court Documents on WestlawNext.

Trial Court Documents – Jury Instructions

Parties typically submit proposed jury instructions to the court just before trial begins, and may meet with the Judge to discuss which instructions will be used and the format of the instructions. These proposed instructions are found on WestlawNext under the Trial Court Documents content. Although it only takes a few clicks from the home page to find this content, we can get there faster if we use the global search bar:

TOTW 042914 e

Once you have accessed the Trial Court Documents – Jury Instruction Filings content page, you can use the template to select either criminal or jury instructions and then type your search terms in the template or at the search box at the top of the screen:

 TOTW 042914 g

Of course, you can always contact the Reference Attorneys should you have difficulty finding a particular jury instruction. Contact information is at the bottom of each screen on WestlawNext:

 TOTW 042914 f