Black’s Law Dictionary: My Sherpa Guide to Law School

June 5, 2013

Blacks law dictionaryExcitement was in the air that August afternoon I sat down to crack my first law school casebook. It was a few years in the making, but here I was, notebook open, highlighter and pen at the ready, and a Contract Law casebook sitting in front of me, I was a real-life law student about to embark on a three-year journey to becoming a lawyer. My eagerness was palpable. Then I opened the casebook and turned to the first case…

After a few sentences of the very first case, any perceived confidence I had in skills as a law student, let alone actually becoming an attorney, was suddenly gone. I only understood about half of the words I was reading; and the more I read, the less I knew!

Yet, an off-hand answer – which was, “Sure” – to a seemingly random question the day before would not only help me read this first case but nearly every case I read over the next three years. That mundane question that had a large impact on my law school career: “Do you also want a Black’s Law Dictionary?”

What I didn’t realize before starting law school was that for three years I’d not only be learning to think like a lawyer, but I’d also be learning a new language; the language of the law. That seemingly innocuous question posed to me in the bookstore was the key to unlocking this new language – my Rosetta Stone for the hieroglyphs of legalese.

I went to law school in what now seems like the dark ages, the time before smart phones, tablets, and apps. So, by the time I reached graduation, my Black’s Law Dictionary was torn and tattered, highlighted, and dog-eared; well-earned scars for my Sherpa up the three-year mountain of law school.

Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition, is the most comprehensive law dictionary ever published, containing over 45,000 terms. And now you can travel from classroom to classroom or courtroom to courtroom with the Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition, app on your mobile devices.

Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition, is available as an app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Windows based devices. It’s all of the comprehensive terms and definitions available in your desk-based Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition, but portable!