What would Ben Franklin do with WestlawNext Mobile?

July 28, 2010

WestlawNext Mobile Photo Contest - final winning photo“Ben Franklin was a Founding Father, a storied inventor, and a consummate scholar. But even the creator of bifocals and the lightning rod was ‘shocked’ to find that he could perform sophisticated legal research from the convenience of his mobile phone!”

That’s the caption provided by our final winner, Andrew M. of New York City, in our WestlawNext Mobile Photo Contest. Andrew, whose creative effort earned him an iPod touch, says he was on the shore of one of the Great Lakes in beautiful northern Michigan on the Fourth of July when he suddenly felt inspired to frame a shot with one of the framers of the Constitution – who, incidentally, also looks quite relaxed in this photo.

WestlawNext Mobile Photo Contest - final winner (Andrew M.)Andrew works as a tax lawyer for a large firm in New York City, where he assists in advising clients on financial products, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and other transactions. He tells us his work entails a considerable amount of legal research and writing, and he uses KeyCite almost daily to verify his work and perform comprehensive searches of cases, administrative sources, and secondary articles on a specific topic.

Thanks, Andrew, for taking WestlawNext on your vacation! And thanks for letting old Ben tag along, too – he really did need some time off.