West reference attorneys are bloggers, too

July 5, 2010

You probably know West’s reference attorneys for the super-helpful research assistance they provide to Westlaw subscribers. But did you know they also have their own blog? It’s a pilot project aimed at summer associates, with posts that discuss current events in the legal world. Check it out for yourself at westreferenceattorneys.com.

Here’s a sampling of last week’s blog topics, with links to the original posts:

  • State and local gun-control laws are sure to be tested after the Supreme Court’s June 29 ruling in McDonald v. City of Chicago – and you can use Westlaw to provide automatic notification of any KeyCite status changes that result.
  • An Internet kill switch? A proposal now making its way through Congress would give the U.S. president emergency authority to shut down portions of the Internet in then event of a cyber-attack. Learn where to find the bill on Westlaw.
  • Follow Elena Kagan’s testimony before Congress by reading  transcripts of her confirmation hearings on Westlaw.
  • Add the new Oil Spill tab to your Westlaw screen to follow the unfolding legal drama surrounding the BP oil spill.
  • What’s in a name? Well, if your name happens to be Justin Beiber, you could be a teenage heartthrob from Canada – or a personal injury attorney from Philadelphia who suddenly finds himself with a lot of new Facebook friends. Find out how Westlaw can give you the advantage when playing the same-name game.