Social Media Law Round-up October 1-11, 2010

October 11, 2010

Is it okay to post that you received a bonus at work on your personal network? This week’s Social Media Round-up includes advice on what to not write on personel sites, legal  implications of google searching for prospective employees, and proof that big brother is watching.

From – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Being too chatty on social networking sites can cause personal, work woes

  • “Social networking can impact a person’s job…it can not only get you fired, it also can prevent you from getting hired in the first place…”

From – Legal Advisor

Social Media: Know The Law

  • It may now be easier to find information about prospects on the Internet, but being able to use it is another story. 

From – New York Public Personnel Law

Social Media – its use by employers in pre-employment, employment and post-employment situations

  • How employers are taking advantage of the free information on social media websites and communication tools to screen applicants or to perform pre-offer due diligence on successful applicants.

From – Forbes

Evidence That Feds’ Social Media Monitoring is Working?

  • News of federal agents stopping by the house of a 20-year-old Egyptian American, after his friend posted photos of a GPS tracking device found on the underside of his car.