Legal research “on the go” – why customers love the WESTLAW NEXT iPad app

November 2, 2011

IWestlawNext iPad appn addition to using my iPad personally, it has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in the workplace and drives tremendous productivity.  I’ve heard numerous stories about how legal professionals are leveraging their WestlawNext iPad app every day because it makes them more efficient, productive and helps them meet the needs of their clients wherever and whenever.

I recently heard a story of an attorney who was in court along with 4 other attorneys. The judge asked if they had read a specific case, and asked them to leave the courtroom until they read it.  One of the attorneys had an iPad, accessed the WestlawNext iPad app and was able to quickly pull the case on the spot. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed immediate access to a case or citation but had to wait to get back to the office to get it online? If so, did you have to have someone else get these documents for you? No doubt, it probably took some time to get what you needed.

For legal researchers, the WestlawNext iPad app makes them more efficient in their research and enables them to do research anywhere and at anytime. It’s the only legal research app that synchronizes across all of your devices while providing comprehensive features and content.  Check out these recent tweets below:

  • “Just wanted to let you know your WestlawNext iPad app is like the best thing since sliced bread :)”
  • “Free tip: WestlawNext for the iPad is awesome and the app is free. You need to be a subscriber though. Love love love.”

Wondering why these customers love it? This recent 5 star review in the app store sums it up:

“What I’m finding so awesome about this app (beyond having WestlawNext’s great functionality) is how everything is synchronized. I can be working on WLN on my laptop in the morning, then pick up where I left off during my afternoon commute or between meetings – and EVERYTHING is exactly where I left it – searches, history, folders, you name it. No having to dredge my workflow memory for where I stopped! And just having this app on the go means I can work wherever and whenever it’s convenient, which is a HUGE timesaver.”

The WestlawNext iPad app is really easy to use.  You can retrieve a case, check whether your case or statute is still good law, research legal issues as well as highlight and save to documents. Also, if you need to look at your research later, you can save it to folders and review it offline too.

Check out these quick 2 minute video lessons on the WestlawNext iPad app. They are now available to view on your computer or on your iPad. You can find them on the West eLearning Center, and on the Westlaw Insider YouTube channel. These videos can help you learn how to make the most of your legal research on the iPad to take advantage of downtime when you are on the go or to access a case quickly. Whether you’re at the courthouse or a coffee shop, at home or at the office, you can tap into the world’s most advanced legal research system.

Video topics include:

  • Introducing the WestlawNext app
  • Starting with the Home Page
  • Searching on the iPad
  • Browsing Documents in a Result
  • Checking Citations in KeyCite®
  • Returning to Prior Research and Using Folders
  • Delivering Documents and Ending Your Session
  • Working Offline on Your iPad

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If you are a WestlawNext subscriber and haven’t downloaded the WestlawNext iPad app yet, go to Apple iTunes app store to download it free of charge today.

Do you share the love for the WestlawNext iPad App? What do you think of our new courses?  Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!