It’s hard out there for a bro

July 5, 2013

Mike SorrentinoOh, Mike Sorrentino.

America’s favorite musclehead, who is better known by his self-inflicted moniker “The Situation,” recently lost a trademark dispute with Abercombie & Fitch, your neighborhood bro’s clothing store of choice.

The situation here (I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help myself) started with t-shirts that Abercombie was selling. Those t-shirts read “The Fitchuation.” Sorrentino sued in November 2011, claiming that Abercrombie was infringing on his trademark phrase and was unfairly trying to profit from his name and likeness.

A judge noted, however, that Abercombie began selling the t-shirts before Sorrentino’s company, MPS, began conducting business activities. The judge also disagreed that Abercrombie was trying to imply any connection to or endorsement from Sorrentino. The judge then granted Abercrombie’s motion for summary judgment, meaning Mr. GTL was SOL.

A silly footnote to this already dubiously newsworthy story is that in August 2011, Abercrombie & Fitch released a statement saying it would pay Sorrentino and the rest of his “Jersey Shore” ilk if they stopped wearing Abercombie’s clothes.  At the time, the company was worried that customers would come to associate the brand with JWoww, Snooki and other New Jersey wildlife.

Given that the “Jersey Shore” crew is slipping into irrelevance and Abercombie is taking a beating over its CEO’s snotty comments about not wanting to dress people who wore clothing larger than a certain size, it seems like neither party has a whole lot to lose in what’s definitely a race to the bottom.