Empowering Digital Content Creators

April 9, 2012

CashMusic-LogoThe digital media content landscape is continuously evolving. 

Changes in technology create new opportunities and challenges for musicians, artists, and other content creators daily.

A promising new opportunity designed to help musicians is now provided by the Coalition for Artists and Stakeholders (CASH).

CASH offers a set of digital tools that empower musicians to take control over the distribution of their own music (http://cashmusic.org).

In addition to helping musicians thrive in the digital media environment, CASH gives us a model that can be used to empower creative artists in all fields to manage effectively the intellectual property that they create.

CASH operates on a not-for-profit basis.  It uses an online system to present musicians software tools enabling the creative artists to market and sell their music in digital form, securely and profitably.

Software distributed by CASH is offered at no charge, and it is made available on an open source basis.

This allows individual musicians to customize the CASH software to make it more appropriate to meet their specific needs.

CASH provides creative artists access to technology which enables them to market and sell their work directly to consumers, without relying on traditional intermediaries.

Evolving technology presents many challenges for the creators of content, often making it more difficult for those artists to manage the distribution and use of their work effectively.

The threats posed by digital technology to creative artists are well documented and widely discussed.

The other side of advancing technology is less actively highlighted.

Evolving technology also provides new and easier to use tools for artists to control directly the production and distribution of their work.

In this way, new technology empowers artists.  Organizations such as CASH are working to help musicians and all other creative artists to recognize and make use of the technologies that give them greater control over their creative work than they ever had before.

Although it remains important that intermediaries such as record companies and motion picture production companies help creative artists to enforce the intellectual property rights associated with their work, those artists should also recognize that technology can help them to assert much more direct control over the content they create than has traditionally been possible.

By making use of a new generation of technology-based artistic content intermediaries, such as CASH, artists can be empowered.

That empowerment, enabled by technology, can help artists to have far greater control over their creative work than they ever had before.