Defending a social networking case? FormFinder can help

June 24, 2010

FormFinder on Westlawsad cubeAccording to 2009 statistics gathered by the volunteer group WHOA (Working to Halt Online Abuse), more than 15 percent of cyberstalking cases now originate within Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking technologies.

Social media has truly become part of our everyday lives – and if you handle criminal cases, you already know how prevalent it’s become as a factor in alleged offenses.

Has your client been a little too friendly with his Facebook “friends”?  Need to defend against a charge for cyberstalking? From jury instructions to sentencing forms, FormFinder has you covered.

With FormFinder’s recent improvements, pinpointing the perfect document is easier than ever. In addition to easy-edit text forms, FormFinder now features a revamped search template, global search functionality, more intuitive browsing and filtering tools, links to related resources, and new content from Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated and Oden.

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