To avoid trademark spat, Bang With Friends rebrands….kinda?

October 4, 2013

Bang with friends logoOh, look! Our amigos from Bang With Friends are in the news again!

As I wrote about earlier, game-maker Zynga had sued the dudes behind Bang With Friends because it felt they were free-riding off the popularity of  Zynga’s trademarked names for its wholesome, squeaky-clean games, like Hanging With Friends and Words With Friends.

On Tuesday, Zynga and The App Formerly Known As Bang With Friends released a joint statement saying they had made nice and reached a settlement – and, naturally, would not be disclosing said settlement’s terms.

However, the announcement did say that Bang With Friends had acknowledged Zynga’s trademark and would be changing its name. Bang With Friends also snuck in a plug for something called The Next Bang.

Actually, I am a little turned around on the issue of what Bang With Friends is morphing into (and yes, this is something I should be spending time thinking about. Other issues, like whether our government is functioning yet, are so inferior.)

In August, it sounded like Bang With Friends had rebranded itself as “Down” (as in, “I’m down”)  in order to worm its way back into the iOS App Store. It had been bounced from the store in May; an official reason was never given, but the presumption was the whole concept was a little distasteful to the folks at Apple.

I’ve also seen Bang With Friends refer to itself as “BWF” and now I guess there’s something  — a new version, maybe? – called “The Next Bang.”

Whatever the case may be, I hope Bang With Friends/BWF/Down treads a little more carefully around other company’s trademarks, because keeping track of this all is getting confusing.