What is the real advantage of eBooks?

June 10, 2013

ebookIn today’s world, technology has provided instant access to information.  Smart phones and tablets allow users to locate anything, anywhere, at anytime. According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, 43 percent of Americans indicate they have read content in a digital format within the last year. As the utilization of digital content grows outside of work; the need for instant access increases in the professional sphere as well. This is why it is imperative for law librarians to remain flexible and meet the personal preferences of all attorneys at the firm.  Far from being inferior, with new enhancements, eBooks can often be more efficient for legal professionals than print.

In my opinion, there are four clear advantages to offering eBooks as a resource.

  1. Digital eBooks offer multiple titles accessible in one place
  2. Firms with multiple locations can offer content to all of their attorneys regardless of where they practice
  3. Readers often have the ability to add color-coded notes and highlights directly in book itself, like with ProView eBooks from Thomson Reuters.  Product functionality also ensures accuracy with KeyCite® citation service, and verification of controlling authority with links to WestlawNext.
  4. New editions automatically transfer your annotations so there is no need to copy notes into each updated version.

Some law firm libraries have already transitioned from print to eBooks completely; while others prefer a combination of print and digital.  Wherever your firm lies on that spectrum, the expansion of digital content will only increase.  Offering access to resources in multiple formats allow a law firm library to step smoothly into the future.