Three Reasons Large Law Firms Should Embrace Social Media

December 2, 2013

Global InternetBy underutilizing social media, Large Law firms may be neglecting business opportunities.

According to a study released last week, about half of the largest 200 law firms in the U.K. had found business through a social media platform. Despite that indication that social media can be mined for future business, the same study found that around 60 percent of these firms devoted just five percent or less of their marketing resources to social media.

Thus, one conclusion that could be drawn is that social media is a potentially powerful business generator that is going mostly untapped.

Now, this study is British. Even so, there is reason enough to think that something similar might be playing out in U.S. Large Law firms.

If your Large Law firm does not have a social media presence, here are a few common reasons why it might not – and why they may not be sufficient reason not to fully embrace social media.

  • Our reputation is secure. We do not need it: If your firm has reached Large Law size, there is little doubting that it is known as a premier source for legal counsel. That being acknowledged,  clients do not respond solely to reputation and image.  Clients are people, and people like an element of humanity. As this post noted, social media is the best way to add a relatable facet to your firm’s client-facing profile. “Relatable” does not have to mean unprofessional or deeply personal; it just means appealing your clients’ natural interest in working with actual people.
  • We have an established marketing plan: As mentioned in this post, the general impression is that Large Law firms are using largely the same marketing methods they were using a half-century ago; holiday mailings, sponsored tables at bar association events, and the like. Those marketing methods still have some viability, but think about this – if they were as trusty as we all thought, then why are so many Large Law firms supposedly withering? The best approach is to mix these traditional methods and social media strategy into a blend that works for your firm.
  • We do not have the time or budget: It would be understandable if you felt that social media as a whole was too overwhelming to conquer. However, the best approach may be master one channel or platform thoroughly, rather than spreading too little content over too much space.  A blog would be a good place to start. It would be good if you could add a Twitter account or a LinkedIn group, but if a blog is what you have the capacity for, it is an excellent start.

As for a last thought on social media, consider this: it is not going away. Social media continues to grow in importance in people’s lives. As a medium, it is something that no business, Large Law firm or otherwise, can ignore.