Postcard from ILTA 2014: Let’s Talk Tech

September 2, 2014

ILTA 2014 logoLast week saw the conclusion of the International Legal Technology Association’s 2014 annual conference. This year’s summit was insightful, informative and provided an invaluable vantage point into the legal industry’s rapidly evolving IT landscape. This year’s hot issues focused primarily around data security, the legal industry’s move to the cloud and new law firm technology.

Data security remains a primary focus as law firms continue to strike a balance between evolving security requirements and new cloud-based technologies.  One thing is for sure: whether the industry is ready for it or not, the rise of Big Data is making the move to the cloud imminent. There were a number of big players at ILTA who were making moves toward large, scalable cloud based solutions to handle the large data sets that law firms are seeing.

In the arena of “what’s new” in law firm technology, much of the focus and attention was centered on mobility. With our information consumption model changing, how can new mobile apps and wearable technologies be repurposed for use in the legal workflow?

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