Law Firm Hiring: An Outlook That’s Less Than Rosy

April 21, 2014

5274Hiring trends are one of the many facets of business at Large and Midsized law firms that speak to their economic health. They should not be considered in isolation, of course, but they are of special interest because they speak, in ways that not many other measures do, to law firms’ mentalities.

To simplify it, a firm that feels confident about the future and has work to be done will not hesitate to take on the new attorneys it needs to meet demand, while a firm that either does not have the business or does not have a positive outlook on the future will hew conservative and delay planned hirings.

Recent weeks have seen the emergence of several news items pertaining to law firm hirings:

Now, when taken together, these three developments do not present an in-depth, statistically sound assessment of the hiring market. They do, however, present enough evidence to suggest that law firms, on the whole, are still hesitant to take on new attorneys. That, in turns, speaks to law firms’ states of mind. It would seem that there has not yet been enough increased in demand to merit expanding the ranks.