Getting Ahead While Swimming Upstream: Staying On Point in Turbulent Fields of Law

February 18, 2014

Practitioner InsightsPracticing in certain fields can feel like swimming upstream.

Let’s take immigration law, for example. In terms of fast-changing fields of practice, immigration law is certainly high on the list, and with all the developments, it is far too easy to fall a step behind without realizing it.

To provide a brief summary of what has been happening in immigration law: U.S. President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats have long pushed for immigration reform and for awhile, it seemed as though they would succeed. Recently, though, congressional Republicans, who opposed the plan, planted their feet. That raised the possibility that the reforms elected leaders and immigration attorneys were preparing for would not happen as soon as expected – and might not happen at all. For them, letting go of months and months of preparation and study and going back to Square One might actually be a realistic course of action.

The twists and turns of immigration reform’s path to this point are enough to make even the most diligent attorney’s head spin. The feeling that it can be hard to keep up would be more than understandable.

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