Thomson Reuters at the 2013 CWAG Annual Meeting

August 7, 2013

Law in the CloudThe manicured order of the Broadmoor Hotel against the rugged frontrange of southern Colorado mirrored the range of agenda topics at the recent Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG) July 22-24.  In 3 days of meetings and presentations, over 350 attendees representing numerous attorneys generals, assistant AGs, law firms, lobbyists and commercial vendors grappled with issues vital to states sovereignty and development.  Topics ranged from death penalty trials, mortgage crisis settlement, internet gaming, to livestock and energy policy.  (The full agenda can be found here.)

I was honored to represent Thomson Reuters Legal as a panelist on the session “Cloud Computing Efficiency and Security” where we examined the fine balance of the secure maintenance of Attorneys General work product and state data with the obvious efficiencies associated with cloud computing.  The session was moderated by Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum, who opened the session with a pitch perfect acapella rendition of Joni Mitchell’s song Clouds (“I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now…”). My other panelists were:

  • Kirk Torgensen, Chief Deputy, Utah AGO, who outlined a recent large data breach in the Utah health exchange and the subsequent remediations for the affected citizens;
  • Suzanne Shaw, Senior Counsel, Washington AGO and Jon White, IT Director, Washington AGO, who outlined the necessary collaboration between the law department and IT during contract negotiation for cloud services, including establishing a common vocabulary and standards around data classification.

My part of the session addressed what the cloud is and how AGs might approach selection of services to host the cloud.  I showcased our new Concourse product to show how collaboration activities are excellent candidates for an initial cloud rollout.  Judging from the number of questions and comments following the session, we were successful in demonstrating Thomson Reuters’ thought leadership in both technical sophistication and product excellence.