New White Paper: Lessons Learned in Court Digitization

February 17, 2015

Man using digital tabletThis paper draws on the experience of Thomson Reuters in courts digitization projects in the US and the UK, and wider lessons from the industry, to set out a variety of lessons learned and their applicability to future court digitization initiatives.

In particular we believe this insight will be of use to stakeholders in the Common Platform Program (CPP) and any wider civil courts digitization program that forms part of the Ministry of Justice modernization initiative.

In this paper we discuss the likely impact of various factors including:

  • The respective timetables for process modernization and digitization
  • The phasing of roll-out in various parts of the criminal justice system
  • The merits of build versus buy approaches
  • Stakeholder engagement and change management
  • Governance and cost control

At the same time we summarize the implications of these findings for the CPP.

While organizational and process reform and culture change must take the lead in reducing case delays and the “adjournment culture”, we suggest that the successful implementation of the Program will also rely on the successful implementation of the right technical solution selected for the Courts.

Any case management solution (CMS) proposed for these Courts needs to support standardized processes and be sufficiently agile to accommodate the variations in rules, processes and procedures that apply to different court systems. It needs to be scalable, and to interface with legacy and partner systems across the criminal justice system. It should also, as far as possible, be based on pre-built components so as to minimize the risks of budget overrun, project delay or failure to deliver.

In this regard we discuss the advantages of using a specialized, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) courts solution that can readily integrate with wider systems, and lay out some of the experience of Thomson Reuters’ C-Track court case management suite in this arena in the US and the UK. Read the full white paper here.