Join Us June 26 For An Identity Fraud Webinar Co-hosted by Thomson Reuters & ID Analytics

June 21, 2013

white paperTax refund fraud. Student loan fraud. Healthcare fraud. What do they have in common? They are all linked by the common thread of identity fraud. Stolen credit cards, identity theft, synthetic identity fraud, and identity manipulation are components of this complex and evolving crime. Identity theft continues to rank the highest in reported consumer complaints by the FTC and certain modes are continuing to grow at alarming rates.

In the first study to investigate the interconnections of identity manipulators and identity fraudsters, ID Analytics uncovered more than 10,000 identity fraud rings in the U.S. While many of these fraud rings are made up of two or more career criminals, surprisingly, others are family members or groups of friends. The ring members may be either stealing victims’ identities or improperly sharing and manipulating personal identifying information, such as dates of birth and Social Security numbers on applications for credit and services.

Join us in a webinar where we present this research and explore what these fraud rings look like, where they are located, and which tools are used to uncover them. Dr. Stephen Coggeshall, Chief Technology Officer for ID Analytics, will share his findings and methodologies.

Please join us on June 26 at 1:00 p.m. ET.

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