International Association of Court Administrators – Partnership Across Borders

October 23, 2014

IACATR Legal was a Gold Sponsor at the prestigious International Association of Court Administrator’s conference in Sydney, Australia.  I had the honor of attending the conference with our colleagues from ANZ.

The conference, attended by over 270 Justices, Judges and Court Administrators from 40 countries was well orchestrated affair by a very small team. The Chief Justice’s from Australia, New Zealand and Court Administrators from various African Nations discussed the International Court Excellence Framework, technology, social media in the Courts, and succession planning among other topics in a panel format.

The International Court Excellence Framework ( was a backdrop to several of the panel discussions. We learned how this framework was being applied by Court’s in various countries to improve justice services and how Court’s were perceived by citizens. The framework’s seven areas of excellence are:

  1. Court Leadership and Management
  2. Court Planning and Policies
  3. Court Resources (Human, Material and Financial)
  4. Court Proceedings and Processes
  5. Client Needs and Satisfaction
  6. Affordable and Accessible Court Services
  7. Public Trust and Confidence

Using the quality management approach espoused by the framework, Courts embark on a self-assessment across these areas to identify their strengths and weaknesses to ultimately serve as inputs for respective strategic planning. Dubai, Canada, New Zealand and several Australian courts stood out in their adoption and use of the framework to raise the level of service. Africa had excellent participation and it was exciting to learn about Lesotho’s modern case management solution built in partnership with a Virginia company.

While Technology was not a central theme of the conference, it was abundantly clear that case management and ancillary technologies have to play a pivotal role in almost all areas of Court Excellence – including social media, business intelligence, citizen services and court case management. There is an opportunity for our solutions to play a vital role in supporting this framework.

The next IACA Conference is expected to be held in Washington DC in 2016 and we remain eager to participate.