Free webinar for county attorneys: Use technology to get the most out of your workday

August 16, 2013

Corporate WebinarsIf you work in a county attorney’s office, then you can probably relate to the challenges that many of your peers are facing. With increasing case complexity, document volume, and discovery rules, expectations for county attorney offices are rising. And the demands of a growing workload are placing new strains on offices striving to control, if not reduce, costs in an era of fiscal restraint.

Fortunately, new technologies are available to help county attorneys address these challenges and work more efficiently. The Wright County Attorney’s Office in Minnesota has implemented some of these new tools, and is already seeing major improvements in productivity.

Join us for a free webinar session on August 21st and hear from Greg Kryzer, Assistant Wright County Attorney, about how he is using technology to proactively address the challenges in his office.

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