Court Case Management – Your Wishes, Needs and Wants

February 2, 2015

Thomson ReutersWe want to hear what you wish for, need and want in your CMS at this year’s National Association of Court Managers Mid-Year Conference.

We know you use technology in your courts and most likely have a court management system. Results from a recent national survey we conducted of court employees revealed that:

  • The vast majority of courts utilize some type of computerized case management system. (91% per a recent national survey we conducted of court employees.)
  • Laptops and e-filing came back as the most prominent technology used within the court room.
  • Thirty-two percent of those surveyed believe that their court caseloads will increase in 2015.

So what does that mean? You have incorporated technology into your daily life. But is this technology making your daily life easier? Are you better allocating personnel, keeping up with increasing caseloads, is the interface configurable, allowing you to file, process and close cases easier than before?

Stop by the networking session on Sunday February 8th or our exhibitor booth on February 9th and tell us what you want to see in your case management system. Our leadership and development team will be onsite with one goal in mind – to talk to you.

“We are very excited for NACM Mid-Year Conference. It’s such a great opportunity to talk directly with our customers, gain insight and feedback and tailor C-Track® features even more to fit our customers needs” says Alex McCall, Director of Product Development, “I think attendees are going to see that we are dedicated to partnering with courts to address their un-met needs.”

We are driven to provide the best solutions that can be configured to the way courts function, and are focused on developing new and enhanced features into C-Track® CMS that will deliver the next level of adaptable case management systems. Because of that drive, February 8-10 in Lost Pines, Texas is turning into a bit of a “coming-out” party for Thomson Reuters Court Management Solutions. At NACM (National Association of Court Managers conference), attendees will have the opportunity to talk with our leadership team about C-Track® CMS and the new and enhanced features and functionality in development that address the un-met needs of the courts.

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