Look, up in the sky! California’s ‘paparazzi drones’ and privacy issues

January 30, 2015

Westlaw Journals Commentary thumbBuchalter Nemer attorney Paul Fraidenburgh and California state Assemblyman Don Wagner say the key to California’s new “paparazzi drone law” is that it expands the technologies to which invasion-of-privacy claims apply, by imposing liability for using “any device” in an infringing manner.

Previously, the California Civil Code limited only “visual or auditory enhancing” devices.

Celebrities now have a new tool to ward off tech-savvy paparazzi, the authors say.

But now, paparazzi may take a creative approach to attacking the new law, AB 2306, on legal grounds that its drafters might have overlooked.

And the promise of expanding federal regulations on UAS — unmanned aircraft systems — also brings the promise of litigation in which UAS operators will challenge state powers to regulate this increasingly important technology.

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