WestlawNext Testimonials From The Experts: YOU

July 6, 2011

WestlawNextWestlawNext is a complete legal research system and is the next evolutionary leap forward built on the industry leading tradition of Westlaw.  It dramatically improves research efficiency, productivity, and confidence because WestlawNext is easier to use, dramatically improves searching, and helps analyze and organize search results. Furthermore, the collaborative tools, such as Folder Sharing, make it possible to leverage the collective knowledge of an organization.

WestlawNext is easier to use.  It has a simple, intuitive interface with customizable settings and visuaul indicators that tell you when a search result has been previously viewed.  It requires less training and allows you better utilization of Westlaw plans.

WestlawNext delivers dramatically improved searching.  It searches across multiple content sets and organizes by document type.  And, the WestlawNext algorithm gives more comprehensive and relevant search results with links to suggested additionally relevant content.  With WestlawNext’s results filters, you can narrow search results to find exactly what you are looking for.

WestlawNext helps you analyze and organize results.  You can take advantage of research folders, folder sharing, document highlighting, and document-level research notes.  As a result, you work smarter and faster, create higher quality work product, and are more efficient in doing legal research.

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