Top Ten Ways Technology Can Help Attorneys in Small Legal Departments Save Time and Reduce Risk

January 14, 2014

Law and technologyAttorneys in small legal departments ( “SLDs”) face additional challenges not faced by attorneys in large legal departments (“LLDs”). Attorneys in SLDs are more resource-restrained and often have to do work that is done by administrators or paralegals in LLDs, such as processing documents and invoices and running reports. SLD attorneys’ fragmented focus, coupled with the necessity of dealing with unfamiliar legal issues, leads to an increased danger of something important slipping through the cracks.

Technology can help mitigate this risk by automating alerts for vital tasks so they don’t “slip” through, as well as automating routine tasks so there is more time to focus on the important matters at hand.

10: Research/Form Library

9: Contract and Document Management

8: Make the case for a New Hire

7: Manage IP Work

More details on these, as well as the rest of the list are available from the Association of Corporate Counsel.